to Scarborough GP VTS

This site is intended as the main resource for information for Trainees on the Scarborough General Practice Vocational Training Scheme and for General Practice Trainers, Clinical, and Educational Supervisors within the Scarborough Scheme.

The Scarborough Scheme meets in the Postgraduate Centre at Scarborough Hospital on a Wednesday afternoon.

If you are thinking of coming to the Moors and Coast area for training or a career in General Practice please have a look at Living on the Coast and Moors to get some idea of how great life can be in this area. For the training we will let the registrars speak for themselves:

‘Practices and trainers who are extremely friendly and keen to teach’

‘An opportunity to experience real General Practice’

‘You don’t realise how nice it is until you get here’

‘Opportunity to do palliative care as a rotation and gain skills in end of life care at the incredible St Catherine’s hospice’

‘A lovely small hospital where everyone knows and looks out for each other’

‘Half day release sessions every week allow you the opportunity to get to know everyone else on the scheme and initiate life long friendships’

‘Trainees frequently socialise together both formally and informally’

‘It attracts a lot of couples and many go on to stay in the area as they realise what a wonderful place it is to raise a family’