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New information on working in South Africa 13.1.14

An exciting opportunity to gain Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) working in rural South Africa has arisen. South Africa is a fantastic country to visit and a great place to work as a doctor. Working in Africa is challenging but will enhance your clinical skills and allow you to gain experience of working at a high level dealing with a varied and interesting range of illnesses and problems.

This OOPE is provided via an organisation called African Health Placements. An FAQ sheet is attached and the following YouTube clips provide some additional background:

Further information about African Health Placements and the work available is obtainable from Martin Schroeder (email address: martins@ahp.org.za)

This opportunity is only open to those entering their ST3 year in August 2014 (i.e. current ST2 trainees). Please note that, at present, graduates from Hull York Medical School are NOT eligible to work in South Africa without taking exams set by the South African Health Professionals Council. This unfortunate situation is obviously beyond our control.

Anyone interested should contact me as soon as possible as applications need to be approved at least 6 months before undertaking OOPE.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Tom Ratcliffe

Dr Tom Ratcliffe

GP Tutor Careers and Recruitment
Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber
South Africa FAQ’s.10.2013.pdf
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Exciting opportunity to work in Uganda


Information from the Deanery:

Dear all Yorkshire and Humber trainees

Following on from our recruitment to an Out of Programme Experience in New Zealand an exciting opportunity has come up to work for 12 months in a mission hospital in Uganda. This would be available for current ST2s to take up in August 2014. You would then return to ST3 in August 2015.

I have worked in developing countries myself and this work presents a unique opportunity to develop skills in areas that are harder to develop in UK practice such as leadership, management and teaching skills, managing uncertainty and working with limited resources. All these skills are very transferable back to UK practice and will stand you in good stead for the future wherever you decide to work.

Rory Wilson is the Medical Director for the hospital. He was a GP in Ireland but has been in Uganda for the past 7 years. As he was a practicing GP he has a good understanding of where you are up to in your training and what your needs are. Rory is still registered with the GMC and the RCGP. He has had GPSTs in the hospital before.

The information below has been provided by Rory.

If you are interested in finding out more / considering this please get in touch as soon as possible to be able to organise this in time for August 2014.

“The hospital is in Kiwoko in Uganda. It is a reasonably standard rural African mission hospital though (even though I am obviously somewhat non-impartial) a rather good one. I think that we are an excellent place for senior UK trainees to get semi-supervised experience. We have a stream of volunteers.

We are a Christian hospital – and while we are delighted to have non-Christians with us (we have all denominations including Muslims on staff and have had many Non-Christian volunteers) it would be important that anyone coming to work with us would be able to respect such a position. It is very important that they could also be sensitive of the cultural baggage of rural Uganda  where ladies publically wear skirts and alcohol consumption would be frowned upon. Obviously away from site in Kampala or on Safari is entirely different, but in our rural setting many have deeply conservative views.”

This is an excerpt from their 2011 – 2012 report

YEAR 2011-12

O.P.D (without outreach clinics)                32490

TOTAL ADMISSIONS                                  8,733

NORMAL DELIVERIES                                2300

C.SECTION                                                  529


  • NEW ANC                                                     2,443
  • NEW ANC + RE -ATTENDANCES             5515
  • EPILEPSY- visits                                         1556
  • DIABETES visits                                          798
DEATH RATE with maternity                        3.5%
Death rate Without Maternity                      5.95%
MAJOR OPERATION without C. Section           284

Minor operations                                                  803


CLIENTS REGISTERED                                 1,608
PATIENTS ON ART                                         823

HIV tests performed                                       5253
HIV-REACTIVE percentage                            5253(8.4%)

Outpatient care is provided in the following categories.

  • Dental Clinic
  • Antenatal Clinic
  • Family Planning
  • Eye Clinic
  • HIV/ AIDS clinic
  • Epilepsy clinic
  • Diabetes
  • Physiotherapy Radiology
  • Counselling
  • Immunization


Kind Regards,

Lynda Carter

GP Tutor