Courses & Time Off Work

Study Leave & Courses

You will get a study leave procedure document when you join the scheme.  These pages remind you of the procedure for applying for study leave.


Where to look for courses:

Internal Scheme Courses

Mock CSA

When you are in your first GP Surgery post, (ST1 or ST2) you will be invited to attend a Mock CSA evening. This consists of the same type of scenarios you will be given at your CSA and is designed to help you and your trainer assess the point of training you are currently working at. It may be necessary at times to put you on a later evening to the one you are expecting, contact the administrator if you do not get invited to the session you expect to be on.

The evening will start at 5.00pm and will consist of 8 consultations, with simulators, as you would get at your CSA exam.  If you are due to attend the next mock CSA, the administrator will contact you with the details. The next date is: TBC (to be confirmed)


We have had our first RCGP MSK course, and will be running some more soon.


Study Leave

How to Apply for study leave

Download Study Leave procedure policy  (Related to all posts – hospital, hospice, GP surgery and psychiatry)
Study Leave Procedure for GPSTRs Scarbor[…]
Microsoft Word document [50.0 KB]
Download Study Leave approval form for ALL study leave
study leave – approval form (APP1).doc
Microsoft Word document [85.5 KB]
Download Post study leave – claim form
Expenses Claim Form Template.docx
Microsoft Word document [23.6 KB]

Sick Leave

This form should be kept up to date at all times, you can record your sick leave, carers leave and study leave on the one form, and update it as necessary. This form needs to be put in your e-portfolio before any of your yearly ARCPs.

Leave form for completion and yearly attachment to e-portfolio
Use the same form for your 3 years, so that the calculation of leave can be seen in the final year
Microsoft Excel sheet [47.5 KB]

Maternity leave

Guide to Maternity Leave
Maternity leave 2013.doc
Microsoft Word document [51.0 KB]
Download Maternity Leave
Adobe Acrobat document [74.0 KB]