Out of Hours

Out Of Hours (OOH)

OOH August 2013 – February 2014

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GP STS in general practice are required to undertake 6 sessions of out-of-hours work in a 6-month period. In ST3 you are unable to get your CCT without 12 OOH sessions being completed.

All GPSTs working in the Scarborough surgeries should now book their out-of-hours sessions through Northern Doctors. You are required to register (so that you can apply online for sessions) and undertake some initial training so are advised to contact Angela Frankish (AngelaJane.Frankish@nduc.nhs.uk or 07999 0002717) early on in your GP post. Sessions will be in Malton or Scarborough.

GPSTs working in Whitby, Egron and Danby surgeries can contact the GPs who work with ESKDOC to arrange OOH in Whitby, ask your clinical supervisor which GPs are able to help in your area.

Do not forget to take your doctors bag with you!

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Once the session has been booked it is important that, if any last-minute problems occur, you arrange to swap a session with a colleague, and let the trainer know you will not be attending.  Please make sure that you let the administrator know when you are going to be away on annual or study leave etc.

Click HERE to go to the Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber page on Out Of Hours

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