ST3 – What to do leading up to your CCT

Number one: Farmiliarise yourself with the trainee trajectory

Before leaving the scheme, you do need to check to make sure you have certain things in order if you want your CCT (Certifcate of Completed Training) without any hassle.

  • Ensure everything is completed and viewable in your e-portfolio.
  • Have you done at least the minimum number of MRCGP assessments (ie COTs, CbDs, MSFs, PSQs etc)?
  • Are all areas of the curriculum covered?
  • Have you done the right amount of OOH requirements and logged encounters, reflections and learning activities from these sessions into the correct area of your ePortfolio?
  • Have you done your CPR and defibrillator training and uploaded the certificates so that these can be seen?
WPBA requirements ST3 – Full time trainees
WPBA ST3.doc
Microsoft Word document [40.5 KB]


RCGP Guidance LTFT

Guidance for less than full time

Exit Course

Book onto an Exit course in the area, if you are unable to see any advertised, ask the administrator if they know of any coming up.

The Exit Course aims to make your training journey more complete by covering things like finances, pensions, starting off as a locum, career choices, partnerships, continuing professional development and so on.

How to apply for your CCT

When you are in the final 6 months of your training you will receive an email from the RCGP with a link asking you to apply for a CCT with the GMC. It is important that this link is used to apply, emailing direct from the GMC website will not generate the correct procedure. The link will take you to an on line application form, and once this is completed with the full GMC requirements, you can pay for your certificate.

  • In the final 2 months of training the ARCP panel sit and do the final review and hopefully this results in a final ARCP. Once the trainee has signed it off in their ePortfolio and pressed the apply for CCT button this is sent to the certification team (it goes to the RCGP team overnight).
  • The certification team link the final ARCP up to the trainee’s file and it is checked whether it meets regulation. If so, a recommendation for a CCT is emailed to the GMC (this process can take up to 15 working days and files are dealt with in chronological order).
  • The GMC database then matches the recommendation up to the relevant trainee application at the GMC and if everything is in order the doctor will be sent a CCT and name put on GP register.
  • The CCT is not sent to the trainee until 10 days before the end of their training.


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